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  • July 23, 2021 3:21 PM | Esther McCartney (Administrator)
    We are incredibly grateful and enthusiastic to announce the publication of the special theme issue in Teaching and Supervision in Counseling (TSC): Anti-Racist Counselor Education.  This timely contribution was co-edited by Dr. Paul C. Harris from Penn State University,  Dr. Erik Hines from Florida State University and Dr. Renae D. Mayes from University of Arizona.  The editors and contributors of this special theme issue present 10 theoretical and qualitative articles focusing on anti-racism in teaching and supervision in counseling.

    Check it out here!

    Sejal Barden, PhD

    SACES President (2021-2022)

  • July 03, 2021 9:42 AM | Esther McCartney (Administrator)

    SACES Call for Awards

    Hello all:

    Please consider nominating your peers, colleagues, and students for a SACES award.

    Our awards program is one way we take time to recognize each other for outstanding work in counselor education and supervision. 

    The 2021 SACES Awards open for nominees are:












    Eligibility criteria and nomination details can be found at the following link: 


    Please send nomination packets, and any inquiries about nominations or the 2021 SACES awards, to the awards committee co-chair Lacey Ricks at awards@saces.org. Nomination packets are due by July 30, 2021.


    Viki Kelchner, Ph.D. and Lacey Ricks, Ph.D., NCC, NCSC

  • July 01, 2021 8:04 AM | Esther McCartney (Administrator)

    Call for SACES President-Elect-Elect and Secretary Nominations

    The SACES Executive Board is seeking nominations for the SACES President-Elect-Elect (2022-2025) and Secretary (2022-2023). 

    The board accepts nominations and self-nominations. If you are interested in running or nominating someone for one of these positions, please contact Dodie Limberg at past-president@saces.org. We also encourage you to review the operations manual that includes an extensive list of each position's roles and responsibilities.

    For self-nominations, please include:

    • A one-paragraph statement of interest in serving the SACES membership; SACES members will see this paragraph during the voting process.
    • A copy of your CV

    If nominating someone, please include their contact information so that I may be in touch with them to determine their interest in the nomination.

    Nominations for these positions are due on August 15, 2021.

    Dodie Limberg  
    SACES Past-President

  • June 11, 2021 8:30 AM | Esther McCartney (Administrator)
    • Spring 2021 Newsletter

      The Spring 2021 Newsletter is now available! In this edition we focused on the theme “Advancing Theory and Practice of Counselor Supervision.” In this issue:

    • President’s Message              
    • A Message from the EC                                  
    • 2019-2020 SACES Leadership                     
    • Ethics and Professional Development Interest Network                               
    • Infusing Creativity in Online   Counseling Supervision                   
    • An Ecologically Informed Model of Counseling Supervision                      
    • Mindfully Coping with COVID-19: Mindfulness in Supervision                 
    • How Supervisors Can Prepare School Counselors-in-Training to Implement Trauma-Informed Practices
    • Trauma integration in the supervisory experience of novice counselors      
    • Sitting in the Trenches: Supervising the Trauma Counselor                         
    • Applying Clinical Supervision Models during COVID-19                           
    • The Women Interest Network           
    • School Counseling Supervision from a RCT Lens                                       
    • Anti-Racism in Clinical Supervision: Considerations for Supervisors of Counselors-in-Training  
    • Flattening the Curve of Supervisee Anxiety in a Pandemic World              
    • Disability Informed Supervision

     You may review past copies of newsletters here on the SACES website.  

    We are looking for submissions for consideration in our Summer 2021 issue of the SACES Newsletter. This issue will be an edition about Scholarship - encourage, support, and recognize a diverse range of scholarship and research

    Submissions must be between 500 and 800 words (not including references) and sent electronically as a Word document to newsletter@saces.org. Please include the author name(s), credentials, affiliation(s), and photo(s) in .jpg, .tif or .gif format. 

    Students are encouraged to contribute with the support of a faculty member.   You can also check out previous newsletter issues available from the SACES website.  Contributions are needed by Sunday, June 20th

    For questions or more information, please contact the editors at newsletter@saces.org.

    All the best,

    Andrea Kirk- Jenkins and Isabel Farrell

    Co-Editors SACES Newsletter

  • March 25, 2021 3:20 PM | Esther McCartney (Administrator)
    • Call for ACES Leadership Nominations

      SACES is seeking qualified members to nominate for three national leadership positions. If interested in being SACES’ nominee for ACES President-elect-elect, ACES Treasurer-elect-elect, or ACES Representative to ACA Governing Council, please review the ACES position descriptions and eligibility criteria HERE. Candidates may only apply for one position.

      You must use a Gmail address to submit your application. Completed online applications must be received at https://bit.ly/2PtQgkU by 6 PM EST on Thursday, May 6, 2021. Your ACES application packet must be uploaded as a single PDF file and include the following:

      • 1.    A 500-word statement of interest detailing how you meet eligibility criteria,
      • 2.    A 500-word Inclusion and equity statement noting your experience in inclusion and equity and how they have contributed to that as a professional,
      • 3.    Current curriculum vita,
      • 4.    A letter of support from your institution (dean or direct supervisor) indicating they understand the commitment involved in being ACES President, Treasurer, ACA Governing Council Representative and indicating they would support you financially in this role (e.g., course release, Graduate Assistant, Research Assistant, work-study student, stipend), and
      • 5.    A professional photo to be shared on the ACES website along with your candidate statements.

    SACES will share nomination selections with the nominees by Thursday, May 27, 2021. Please direct all inquiries to Elizabeth Villares at past-president@saces.org

  • March 25, 2021 1:02 PM | Esther McCartney (Administrator)

    SACES Research and Practice Grants

    Call for Proposals for Funding Year 2021-2022

    SACES is now accepting applications to fund innovative best practices and research studies related to counselor education and supervision. SACES will fund proposals for up to $500 each and the grant competition is open to all SACES members. Because of their need and limited funding available for graduate students, student researchers are especially encouraged to apply.

    If interested in submitting a proposal (either individually or as part of a research team) please review the call for funding eligibility and requirements here. The deadline to complete the application form is midnight EST on May 1, 2021. Notifications on grant awards will be issued by July 10, 2021. 

    Call for Proposals for Reviewers

    We are also seeking SACES members to review the SACES Research and Practice Grant 2021-2022 applications. If you are a SACES member interested in serving on the SACES Research and Practice Grants Committee, please submit your application here by 6:00 EST/5 PM CT on April 1st.  

    No additional funding calls or requests for reviewers will be issued for the 2021-2022 academic year. Please send all inquiries to Elizabeth Villares at past-president@saces.org 

  • February 27, 2021 10:51 AM | Esther McCartney (Administrator)

    Fostering Empathy in Graduate Students: Experiential, Student-Focused, and Innovative Approaches

    Date/Time of Webinar: February 17, 2021 1-2pm EST

    This webinar is sponsored by Capella University

    Link to watch

    Webinar Description: Among the many roles and responsibilities of counselor educators and supervisors, the fostering of empathy development among students is tantamount. Attendees will learn experiential, student-focused, and innovative approaches that have proven successful in developing empathy in students and supervisees. Detailed descriptions and handouts will be provided.

    Learning Objectives:

    • 1. Attendees will begin by recognizing the role of empathy itself in joining with clients, which will be followed by a brief discussion regarding the importance of empathy-development in training students and supervisees.
    • 2. Attendees will learn and participate in experiential, student-focused, and innovative approaches that have proven successful in developing empathy in students and supervisees.
    • 3. Attendees will be able to implement exercises in their workplace with support of handouts provided during the webinar that detail descriptions of activities, including processes for set-up and process questions.

    Presenter: Dr. W. Bryce Hagedorn, LMHC, NCC, MAC (he/him/his) is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, a Master Addiction Counselor, a Qualified Clinical Supervisor, and is a Fellow of the American Counseling Association. Currently serving as a Professor and Program Director of Counselor Education at the University of Central Florida, Dr. Hagedorn’s work has spanned a variety of clinical and educational settings over the past 20 years in the areas of his expertise. Dr. Hagedorn has written over 70 publications, has presented his work in over 200 venues, and is the co-author of the book titled Counseling Addicted Families.

  • February 08, 2021 11:06 AM | Esther McCartney (Administrator)

    SACES Supervision Interest Network Meeting! 

    We are pleased to announce the spring meeting of the SACES Supervision Interest Network. We’ll be meeting on Zoom at 12:00 EST on Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

    Please join us for 30 minutes to share ideas and hopes regarding supervision among a group of likeminded colleagues! Also, we are planning a continuing education workshop for May 12, so be sure to save the date. 

    RSVP by emailing: supervisionin@saces.org to register and get the meeting link.

    Monica Leppma, Andrea Fleming, Kenya Bledsoe SUPin co-chairs

    Ashlei Rabess & Alex Gantt SACES Emerging Leaders

  • February 01, 2021 10:55 AM | Esther McCartney (Administrator)

    Grant Writing in Counselor Education: Strategies for Identifying and Developing Strong Proposals

    Link to Webinar and materials

    Sponsors: This webinar was sponsored by Counseling Books, Etc., Liberty University's Counselor Education program, and South University Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program

    Description: Grants provide researchers/practitioners the opportunity to conduct innovative, impactful, and socially significant research. Yet, counselor educators may feel unprepared to navigate the grant development process. In this webinar, we will discuss strategies for new investigators to identify a high-impact, fundable area of research science that also supports development of a grant portfolio. We will present a collaborative framework and team science approach to proposal development. Finally, we will discuss select funders and funding mechanisms with specific examples as they relate to counselor education specialty areas.

    PresentersDr. Ryan Carlson is Associate Professor of counselor education at the University of South Carolina (UofSC), and Director for the Consortium of Family Strengthening Research. Dr. Carlson’s research focuses on vulnerable couples and families, including relationship education outcomes and implementation science, intimate partner violence, and parents of children with special needs. He currently serves as the lead evaluator for the randomized controlled trial of relationship education (Project Harmony) being implemented at the University of Central Florida. He has 45 peer-reviewed publications and conducted nearly 80 presentations at conferences. He has submitted 28 grant proposals to local and federal funders, with 13 proposals awarded. Dr. Carlson is also a licensed professional counselor in South Carolina and coordinator for the Center for Community Counseling in the College of Education at UofSC.

    Dr. Naomi J. Wheeler, LPC (VA), LMHC (FL), NCC is an assistant professor in counselor education with Virginia Commonwealth University. She has collaborated on funded projects that total over $4.4 million from internal and external funding sources. Most notably, she served as a Co-Investigator and Director with the Marriage and Family Research Institute at UCF for a federally funded (DHHS) community relationship education program. Her research agenda builds from her professional experiences to examine relational stress and resilience across the lifespan including early life family adversity and couple stress/relationship quality as contributors to health.

  • December 18, 2020 6:26 PM | Esther McCartney (Administrator)

    Call for ACES/SACES Graduate Student Representative  

    SACES is currently accepting applications from doctoral students who are early in their academic program to serve as the ACES Graduate Student Representative. Each of the five ACES regions nominates one student to serve as the ACES Graduate Student Representative (GSR). From these five nominations, the ACES Governing Council will choose one student to serve in this position. This is a three year service position: designee, current, and past GSR. A complete description of the ACES GSR requirements can be found here. 

    SACES will select a GSR nominee to put forward to ACES. In the event that the SACES nominee is selected to serve as ACES GSR, another applicant will be selected to serve on the SACES Board for 2021-2022. In the event that the SACES nominee is not selected to serve as ACES GSR, the nominee will be appointed to the SACES Board for 2021-2022. 

    The student nominee should be in the early stages of their counselor education doctoral program (either first year in a 3 year program or first or second year in a program that is 4 years or more) in order to be appointed to this position. A graduate student serving as a GSR must hold doctoral student/doctoral candidate status for at least 2 years of their service and only the final year could be served as a new faculty member or supervisor.   

    To apply, please email the following materials in one PDF to Dodie Limberg at president@saces.org  

    (1) A cover letter describing your educational and other relevant experiences to the position, including your previous and/or current involvement with ACES and SACES.  

    (2) A current CV  

    (3) Your answer to this question (posed by ACES): “Suppose you were selected for the GSR position, what would be different in a one year  in terms of this service position that would show it was useful, that you were the right person to apply, and that ACES was right to have selected you?”    

    (4) A 3 minute video that discusses (a) Your goals as outlined in their submitted statement referencing what would be different in a year of service; (b) Your understanding of what this role does and the necessary level of commitment it will take. Please share your video from a cloud storage platform (i.e., Dropbox, Google Drive) and reference the URL link in your cover letter.

    If you have any questions please contact Dodie Limberg at president@saces.org

    Applications are due Friday, January 29, 2021.

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