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SACES Executive Council Meeting October 23, 2012

October 23, 2012 12:34 PM | Deleted user

October 23, 2012

Minutes Approved from EC Conference Meeting


o Conference income - $34,000 from RegOnline recently ($78,243 total)

o $91,668 in all accounts total at the moment (up $15k since conference report)

March – September we should’ve received $81,046 from RegOnline

o Heather reimbursement $25 for expenses

o Heather’s GA is working on the conference manual – please send any feedback or information that will be useful for the manual to her as soon as possible

o Final number around 531, approximately 101 more than last year

Add Don to RegOnline so he can have access to the account

RegOnline will be terminated for membership

ACES obligated divisions not to use RegOnline for conferences in future – this will be checked into as previously SACES has been autonomous

o Volunteer reimbursement ($2500 due)

Conference planning manual will include a new policy

Amanda’s list of volunteers included two faculty members – she will be contacted to determine the agreement that was made with them

Web Service

Update history of SACES that brings us through Heather’s tenure – ask that this be done and provide honorarium for him to complete it ($1000) and sends questionnaire to each president and writes a narrative about past conferences and president will contact

o Approved

 Don tried to cancel web service but could not without a code

o Jen says Dennis & Alex set it all up and would need to be contacted for the code

 Minutes will be sent to Andrea and Alex for website and social networking


Articles due on November 5th to editors

Letter to MG

Sent to Kathryn and then shared with ACA legal for feedback

 ACA possibly misunderstood how he registered for the conference

o Suggested the paragraph related to registration be removed


o Bring Mary Hermann in to assess the letter and situation so she is aware of the situation and decisions made

Other Issues

o Include members from other committees in the EC calls – begin with two

o LTP will be shifted to the November agenda

o Propose in December we don’t meet and have a full agenda for the Nov/Jan meetings

o Still have open committees in need of volunteers

o Need to assign ACES liaisons

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