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EC Business Meeting 07/26/2012

July 26, 2012 1:33 PM | Deleted user

Present: Anneliese, Heather, Don, Jennifer, & Mandy


Conference Overview and Updates

Numbers up to 460 as of this morning – highest attended since 2006; challenges with meals and registration materials; people from a variety of places throughout the country; large attendance for the career connection (around 80 people)

Food orders confirmed and added some tables, etc. and the community engagement project is going well with connections between the organizations for empty plate and community engagement.

Photographer for awards: Panos (emerging leader) will be taking photos throughout the conference

Theme for conference really came through with regard to topics of resilience, etc. due to excellent planning.

Places the EC needs to be:

Thursday, 5:30-7, Lobby – receptions (Mexican)

Thursday, Noon, Academy – emerging leaders lunch

Thursday, 3:30, Oglethorpe A & B – emerging leaders discussion with executive council

Friday, 8am, Franklin – Leadership breakfast

Friday, 12-2, Savannah Ballroom – luncheon (Italian)

Friday, 5:30-7, Atrium – reception (Asian)

Saturday, 12, Franklin – ACES presidential lunch

Presidential Session that Nicole Hill is doing at 2pm

Saturday @ 11am with Cathy – Meeting with hotel staff; met and exceeded the rate so we will not have to pay for meeting rooms

Treasurer Report

Approval will occur at business meeting - $4,858 ahead of last fiscal year - $12k rebate from ACES but unsure as to how much was for hosting the conference, thinking it was around 9k so the organization made money by being the host for ACES (president entertains motion for approval)

Small deposits generally made into the savings account and then transferred to avoid fees

Expenses reviewed – Social Justice Award: typically selected by EC and taken off the website & need to start thinking about recipient for next year’s nominees

 Conference expenses for Savannah will be added (approx. $55k based on Williamsburg)

Treasurer believes having $70k+ in the account is important as a non-profit should have at least one year of money on hand in case of a problem to secure the future of the organization

Wild Apricot – 10 hours per month for website development

Member Services

1. Develop products that are easy: online CEUs, etc.

2. SACES Journal

a. Concerns: not sure thematic journal limited to supervision benefits the entire membership so should be accessible to everyone (useful to have a special theme for each issue to broaden interest); graduate students should not be on editorial board (peer-review) as it would affect credibility and should be for promotion and tenure; and the editor should be paid a stipend for a graduate assistant (ex. $6k for GA).

b. Consult with N. Carolina journal officiates to see how they run their online publication & will also consult with NARACES

c. Approx. $10k per year without a graduate assistant

d. Perhaps add doctoral students as reviewer assistants rather than actual editorial review board members – assigned to reviewers as mentees or assigned to summarize reviews for editor

e. Endorse idea with revisions and allow EC time to think about it, but committee would like something by ACA to make a report and take action

f. Sell ads in the journal to garner income or do CEUs as part of the journal and charge for non-members

g. Broad topics can be useful, but adding the niche might be a good idea as well – for instance discussing things that are uniquely southern with regard to the profession

Luncheon Agenda Discussed – 3 raffle prizes at the beginning, middle, and end

Secretarial and Treasury report will be posted to website in future

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