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SACES EC Meeting 02/12/2013

February 02, 2013 11:31 AM | Deleted user

February 12, 2013

Minutes from 12/13/12 Lost to Computer All Officers Present

Board members introduced themselves to the incoming Executive Board members present –

 Mary Hermann (president-elect-elect) and Thelma Duffey (secretary-elect)


 Interested in starting a journal for the division (finalizing budget)

o Task force reviewing journal development and needs prior to identifying an editor and recruiting editorial board member s (Thelma stated meeting on Friday)

 SACES newsletter was released

o Encouraging committee involvement

 Membership – Alex has become the "membership person" (Jennifer)

o Wild apricot – most people switched over, some have not been

o Alex at 20 hours per month

o Meet with Kathy on a call and also include Alex

o Jennifer – getting people to renew on non-conference years

Don – perhaps require a two-year membership to avoid this issue and save money on transaction fees

Should have membership input and set a date for implementation (Jan 1st 2014) and an open vote to be approved at next meeting

 Information about meetings at ACA received by Heather Trepal

o SACES Friday March 22nd at 8-9am – Hilton Caprice 1 & 4 (EC Meeting)

Prepared agenda with interest networks provided

Not expecting a large turn-out

Work on conference committee development

Jennifer Jordan & Don Locke will not be in attendance

o Thursday March 21st from 5-6pm – Hilton Salon F & G (Upcoming EC Meeting)

There will be no conference call in March given the meeting at ACA.

Heather – working on compiling conference documents from Savannah

 Find a time to map out the next conference – what need to be done when

 Connected with past-presidents to be active in the conference planning

 Early identification of site

Mary and Thelma – looking forward to getting started!

Jennifer Jordan voted-in as secretary for ACES

Anneliese request budget report for ACA - $86k currently in account, which is up from the previous two years

Doodle sent early March for April EC call

Jennifer – An e-mail was sent out to SACES membership, letting them know which candidates from the SACES region will be running for office, but encountered a problem this year

 Don stated that all candidates must be listed to avoid subtle campaigning issues

 Change in approach can be discussed at ACA meeting

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