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SACES 2019 Elections

At the 2019 ACES Conference in Seattle, Washington, we announced our newly elected officers and would like to say congratulations to our President-Elect-Elect, Dr. Sejal Barden, University of Central Florida and Secretary-Elect, Dr. Brandee Appling, University of Georgia

Meet our new President-Elect-Elect and Secretary-Elect


Sejal Barden

I currently serve as an Associate Professor of Counselor Education at the University of Central Florida and am also the Executive Director of the UCF Marriage and Family Research Institute, focused on conducting externally funded research and clinical initiatives to better support couples, marriages, and families in the Greater Orlando community. My primary research focus is on outcome based research aimed at strengthening relationships for couples and families. In terms of service to ACES and SACES, I have had the privilege of serving as the SACES secretary, the Co-chair of the SACES Long Range Planning Committee, SACES Graduate Student Representative and as a SACES grant reviewer. In terms of my service to the counseling profession, I currently serve as the Co-chair for the ACA Research and Sustainability committee and as an invited committee member for the ACA International Counseling Committee. Additionally, I serve as an editorial board member for the Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development. My most meaningful takeaways from my engagement in professional service has been the strength and power of teamwork and collaboration. As your president, I am committed to supporting the mission and vision of SACES in cultivating an inclusive community of counselor educators and supervisors in research, scholarship, advocacy, community, education, and supervision. In this role, I plan to build on my experiences of securing significant external funding to create more opportunities for SACES doctoral students and professional members to enhance their understanding of obtaining funding for their research. I aspire to contribute to the SACES leadership and members at large in meaningful ways and embody the mission and vision of SACES. Thank you for your consideration.


Brandee Appling

Brandee Appling is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Counseling and Human Development Services at The University of Georgia. Currently, she serves the SACES organization as co-editor of the SACES newsletter. In her role as co-editor she has assisted the board in ensuring the newsletter remains focused on issues relevant to counselor education by soliciting and selecting timely and scholarly manuscripts that meet the needs of the members. As SACES secretary, her goal will be to continue to serve the board, organization, and members by committing her time and voice to the position while helping to facilitate discussion centered on the current goals of SACES and needs of the members. Through commitment, organization, and attention to detail she will ensure timely accuracy in her recording and delivery of information to help keep the SACES members informed and engaged.

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